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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Husband cut off rival's penis

Sydney - An Australian man appeared in court on Wednesday accused of stabbing his ex-wife's lover to death, severing his penis and leaving it in her bedside drawer.

Garbor Ziha, 56, allegedly attacked Barry Corbett, 58, after letting himself into the man's apartment and finding him in bed with his former wife Marija Ziha, 54.

New South Wales police told a Sydney court the woman ran screaming from the apartment in her pyjamas with several wounds to her legs.

Responding to an emergency call, police found Corbett dead in the bedroom with multiple stab wounds.

Penis placed in bedside drawer

His penis had been cut off and placed in a bedside drawer with Marija's belongings, police said in a statement.

According to the statement, detectives telephoned Ziha at his home and he told them: "Yes I know, you can come and pick me up now."

He was charged with murdering Corbett and maliciously wounding his former wife.

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