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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dine & Drink with Bali ambience in Singapore

This place is quaint and idyllic restro-bar is usually packed on weekends, the pack really only started to come in at around 9pm so better head there early if you want a quiet dinner. The place is really laid back hidden at one corner where the deeper you walk the more rural (kampung) it looked with thick foilage and super tall trees. The only problem is the existence of BP tower. When you look up at the sky with trees, leaves and stars, at the corner of your eyes you see this annoying looking sky scraper which reminds one of the concrete jungle. Amidst the abundant shrubbery and willowy trees, there are rustic, Balinesestyle wooden pavilions with bale rooftops, which you can clamber into with friends, and pretend you are on an exotic getaway together.

Ambience is really unique, the moment you stepped in the place,you almost forgotten you're still in a urban concrete jungle. Greenery is abundance with a lot of authentic bali decor (stone statue, some water fountains, stone pavement, a miniature 'waterfall' with some zen stonework. They even got this little wooden huts for larger groups to dine in.There is even an elevated hut on the 'cliff'. Take the cushion seat, you need to spend a minimum of $200.In the background there is some traditional balinese music. Traditional music does makes the place a very soothing and unique escape. There was even some traditional dance display while diners enjoy their food. Oh don't worry about the outdoor, there wasn't a single mosquito and the trees actually make the place quite cooling. They also have a indoor bar for friends to chill out (relax)or you can always go al fresco.

The place features 4 different kitchen, thai, bali, western and indonesia. The Garden Restaurant serves contemporary Balinese, North Indian, Thai and Western cuisine at is luscious garden. The Villa Bali, Balinese Chill Out Bar prepared a broad selection of Asian Tapas snacks to munch while you savour wines and boutique beers from Europe and Asia. The prices are quite standard bar price with friendy staffs. The Gin Palace indoors are exceptionally simple and spacious to cater to the clientele who prefer air-conditioned comfort. Bali Jimbaran, charming Balinese village restaurant serving BBQ seafood styled after the famous Jimbaran Beach in Bali, served with five sambal sauces. Frangipani Bali Warung provide Asian food at sensible prices.(Cheaper than the other serving areas)

There is also a traditional Chinese seafood restaurant set in the tranquility of a colonial mansion surrounded by Balinese pavilions and landscaping. Service, slow but then again, maybe that the whole idea, since you're in this laid back stress free retreat. One thing that you wouldn't expect was that mineral water is served free with dinner and they serve free flow of chips.

All in all, not a place for good food but is definitely one of the most unique places you have ever been. It is a good idea to bring your family there to soak up the atmosphere!! Great place to hang out since you're too busy to actually travel down to Bali. A popular place for expatriates.

Address: 9a Lock Road (Next to St Andrew's JC)
Contact Details
Reservations - 6733 0185 / 9750 2140
Sales - 6473 6395
Fax - 6473 5431
Email -
Bali Seafood Restaurant - 6473 5101
Take-Away Orders - 6479 8194
Map:Click to enlarge

By bus hop into number 57,61,51,100...963. Alight at HP building. Opposite former SAJC (now is River Valley High) then you have to walk towards SAJC. You will see the "gillman Village" Little Bali is just in the midst of that place.

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