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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Thai government hot on Thaksin heels

Since reports were confirmed that Thaksin had been seen in the UAE and Nicaragua, Thailand has lodged official requests with Nicaragua and the United Arab Emirates where both do not have an extradition agreement with Thailand asking them to arrest Thaksin Shinawatra so he can be returned to serve his two-year prison sentence. A summary of the Ratchadaphisek land case, the warrants for Thaksin's arrest and the court's verdict were submitted.

Thai Vice Foreign Minister Panich Vikitsreth said the UAE and Thailand were preparing an extradition treaty in late April. The Thai government requested Interpol to blacklist Thaksin and arrest him if they can early April. Thai authorities have also sent arrest warrants against Thaksin to all concerned countries and the foreign ministry has informed all nations that have diplomatic relations with Thailand about Thaksin's movements and the government's concerns.

Though Thaksin's Thai passports, both diplomatic and ordinary, were revoked the former premier continues moving around with foreign travel documents. It is comfirmed that Thaksin is holding a Nicaraguan passport and has been made special ambassador by President Daniel Ortega. He was also said to have landed in Liberia last week with Montenegro passport and unconfirmed reports say he might also have a Cambodian passport.

Last October Thajsin was sentenced in absentia to two years in prison by the Supreme Court's Criminal Division for Holders of Political Positions after the court found he abused his power by helping his wife Khunying Potjaman buy land on Ratchadaphisek Road.

The pro-Thaksin United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship organised violent demonstrations during the Songkran festival last month. The government decided to close down its on-air arm, DStation, on April 13 in an effort to subdue the riots in Bangkok, one day after the government imposed a state of emergency .

Troops seized control of the Thaicom satellite station in Lat Lum Kaew district in Pathum Thani used by DStation to broadcast UDD protest activities and air Thaksin's speeches to supporters in Bangkok and around the country.

Thaksin Shinawatra issued a second statement on Friday 1stMay,2009 saying that he disapproved of violence as a political campaign tool. He stress that though he has been calling for democracy and justice for the Thai people, he is not behind the political unrest.

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