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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

River Monsters

52-year-old British angler Jeremy Wade grapples with this ferocious-looking 'giant piranha' known as goliath tigerfish.
The giant freshwater fish has 32 teeth that are of similar size to those of a great white shark and has been known to attack humans and even crocodiles.

Wade, the host of ITV's River Monsters show, anxiously reeled in this specimen, which weighed more than 100lbs and was 5ft long and has been known to consume prey the same size as itself, attack people and take pieces out of crocodiles.

'It is very rare to catch one, especially by an outsider because they are found in such a remote and difficult location to get to. There are no guides or lodges on that part of the Congo River.'

Wade released it to the river soon afterwards who spent eight days trying to land the fish.

Jeremy Wade Hooking a Goliath Tigerfish

Tribute Jeremy Wade River Monsters

Source: 21st October 2010

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