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"A penny for your thoughts"

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Practical Ideas!!

Mud Caked Pool TableU+2191.svg
 Bubble Level Ruler alternativeU+2191.svg
Do Not DisturbU+2191.svg
 Band On The RunU+2191.svg
Surf with comfort!!U+2191.svg
Key HandleU+2191.svg
Camouflage & Wind Breaker!!U+2191.svg
Watch with a Portable PoolU+2191.svg
Jack on woodU+2191.svg
Bridge mendedU+2191.svg
Comfy sleep boardU+2191.svg
Sleep on single seatU+2191.svg
Shelf snoozerU+2191.svg
U+2191.svgEnvironmentally friendly! No plastic bag!!

Transporter 2U+2191.svg
Transporter 3U+2191.svg
Make shift stool!!U+2191.svg

Equilibrium meditationU+2191.svg
4 in one!! U+2191.svg
Make use of leftoversU+2191.svg
Go green without electricity U+2191.svg
Watch & Sleep!!
Hidden texts!!U+2191.svg

 Innovative hammocksU+2191.svg
Email us more photos to add!! We will post as to sender name and request.

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