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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hundreds of cats rescued from being eaten in China

More than 300 cats were rescued thanks to animal rights activists in Shanghai. All these cats were going to become food in prestigious Chinese restaurants in Guangdong province. Eating cat meat is a tradition in many parts of China, especially in southern regions, where some restaurants specialise in preparing the dishes.(local soup called ‘Tiger vs. Dragon’ which is made with snake and cat.

Restaurant owners pay about about 50 yuan/$8a cat.) 22 bamboo cages full of cats in a yard were found with some contained more than 20 cats. Two of these cats had been dead for a while at the rescue and some of those alive had broken legs. Most of the animals have been returned to their owners after the activists sent out a message on an internet forum. Some cats were adopted by animal lovers and others were released in areas where volunteers leave food for strays. Police detained the cat dealer, Yang Baoguo, went scot free after a few hours without charge because animal protection laws are non-existent in China. Unlike dogs, a licence is not required for owning a cat in Shanghai as such the cat dealer could not be charged him with possessing stolen property.

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