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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Russian Girl in Intensive Care After Restoring Virginity 6 Times

A Russian woman Natalia K., married at 24, ended up in intensive care after restoring her virginity for the sixth time.

As her husband was not the girl's first sexual partner, she underwent the cosmetic procedure known as hymenoplasty–an operation that causes bleeding during intercourse to simulate of virginity, as an anniversary gift to her husband. She went to this extent to please her husband when he confessed he was upset about her losing her virginity before the wedding and with another man. She than had five more consecutive hymen restorations as an annual present to him. According to reports, doctors warned Natalia that another procedure could jeopardize her health. Undaunted, she signed waivers and had the surgery done. The woman's luck went out when her weakened immune system made her susceptible to an infection that landed her in intensive care. VIA

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