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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Nissan Frontier Landing Gear Fake Or Real!!

Nissan Frontier Landing Gear

Facts gathered from around:-
There is no way the truck could get up to the 143 mph touchdown speed in time to perform the trick and the truck's suspension would collapse under the weight.

According to Air New Zealand a 747 jet plane can land at a minimum of 124 mph. And the plane can keep the nose up to minimize the force on the truck. Hmmm...

This video is incredible because the nose landing gear of an airliner typically supports about 10% of the aircraft's weight.
Since a Boeing 727 has a maximum landing weight of between 137,500 and 164,000 pounds depending on the model, its front weight is between 13,750 and 16,400 pounds, while a Nissan Frontier has a maximum payload of 1,524 pounds.
Hence, the nose landing gear of a Boeing 727 is about ten times the maximum payload of a Nissan Frontier.

It does say fictionalization right before the commercial, but I would like to see what would happen if this was attempted. The max Payload of a Dodge 3500 full size pick-up is only 5100LBS and this is a mid-size truck advertised with a max payload of 1,446LBS. It would have to hold 1/3 of 9500LBS to survive the "crash" but what would happen if a full size truck actually tried this? Would the tires explode or would the truck just crumble under the weight of the plane. A full 3500 of 350 truck would have 12 ply tires vs 4 ply of the Frontier. I would definitely want to see them disprove this!!!

Also if that really happened that truck would have been crushed. There have many incidents where airliners smashed into cars, some even fatal, the SWA overrun comes to mind.

My first thought when I saw this was that, at the least, those tires would have blown. I'm sure they're not rated for high speeds under that type of load. The truck doesn't even have a 1-ton axle. Also notice at the end of the video that the suspension isn't even under load. Anyone with a reasonable mind would know that the bed would be bottomed out.

Looks like ONT has been pretty busy with filming commercials lately! The 722 sitting at the gate in the background is the owned by LAWA and used as a movie prop. It's usually sitting over at the old terminal. The (very) computer generated one in distress appears to be modeled after it

According to the Frontier Nissan's light duty pickup website, the Max payload for a new Frontier is 1,526=4 lb, with the SV V6 package with the Manual RWD tranie. A 727 nose on that truck would turn it into a pancake.

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