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"A penny for your thoughts"

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lion Dance with a difference

Celebrating traditional with a difference. Promoted by Singapore Tourism in 2010
Singapore- never forgetting your roots and yet championing new ideas..

While it serves as great entertainment to the spectators, it is undoubtedly a huge mark of disrespect to traditions?? No, shame on you. For not having an open mind. Tradition is something created by man and yes it is respected by many for many generations, but there is nothing wrong by presenting it in a different manner.

Source:You Tube 1 & 2

The story goes that once upon a time a monk had a dream in which there were many sorrows and evils plaguing the land. The monk prayed and asked the gods how he could prevent these evils from occurring. The gods told him that a lion would protect them and fight back the evils. The Chinese people had never seen a lion before, but had heard stories that the lion was the king of all the other animals, so the monk combined all the lucky or magical animals he could think of and so made a lion.

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