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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Zurich launches latest Guaranteed Account

Zurich launches latest Guaranteed Account 29/01/2008
Zurich has launched the latest in its series of Guaranteed Capital Accounts.

Available now, the Zurich Guaranteed Account 17 is designed to offer intermediaries and their clients access to potential stock market returns whilst safeguarding their clients’ original investment.

Zurich Guaranteed Capital Account 17 offers 100% of any growth in the FTSE Index and is open until 2 April 2008.

Two early bird bonus are available for customers:
0.66% is payable for applications received before 8 February 2008
0.33% is payable for applications received before 7 March 2008 but after 8 February 2008.

Each of the Guaranteed Accounts will be open for a limited period of time, ensuring that as one product tranche closes a new one opens, providing intermediaries and their clients with the opportunity to invest throughout the year.

All of the products, which are deposit based with a five and a half year term, will continue to offer full capital security and growth potential with returns linked to the FTSE 100 Index.

Paul Wright, Zurich’s Investment Management Director, commented: “These accounts proved very popular with intermediaries and their clients throughout last year. As well as offering investors a very competitive participation rate, our latest account also offers an early bird bonus which we believe will prove attractive to investors.”

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