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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Six-year-old Indian boy aims 100-car limbo-skate world record

Last updated at 9:17 PM 14-Feb-08
The latest craze among kids in India and requires the flexibility, strength and balance of a gymnast to roller-skate the seemingly impossible under cars. A six-year-old Indian boy, Aniket Chindak is hoping to enter the record books after 'limbo-skating' under 57 cars in less than a minute in Belgaum, India.

Aniket has already created an unofficial world record by squeezing himself under a row of 57 four-wheel drive cars in 45 seconds.

With legs split, chest bent forward and chin almost skimming along the road, Aniket is no more than eight inches above the ground when he vanishes under the vehicles in Belgaum, India.

The wonder-kid, who started skating when he was 18-months-old, is now training for four hours a day and plans to break his world record of 57 cars with a 100-car skate in New Delhi.

"I first saw a girl skate under a car on TV two years ago and decided to learn how to do it myself. It took three months before I could get my body in the right position," Aniket, says."Since then, I have skated under lots of cars and have never hurt myself.
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According to his father, Ramesh, the skating marvel covers 60-miles twice a week in practice and sulks when he is told to finish.

"Aniket was always very flexible but for limbo-skating you need strength as well," Ramesh said.

"It took him a while to condition his body to hold the correct position. Now his battle is to get the speed and control for 100 cars.

"He wants to set a world record no one can beat for a long time," he added.

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