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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Real Otaku Recipes 4.y

Reproduced from Randy's site

Cool Mint Cool honey

Under the Northwest did not last as long as the rain, heat Sharen is a terrible day! 做點什麼解解暑氣? Do something about gas solution Jieshu »

Add to chilled vodka sparingly (because of its alcohol content as high as 40%, so do not have to be afraid of ice, frozen after the contrary, shows some of the sticky fluid, do not have some flavor. This is my move from the home of the mother Martha . Stewart, in the past.)
Vodka 2 cup (icon of Liangbei)

PEPPERMINT SYRUP 1 杯(薄荷香蜜) PEPPERMINT SYRUP 1 cup (mint-honey)

黑松汽水300cc ( 我愛用台貨 !) Pinus thunbergii soft drinks 300 cc (I love Taiwanese goods!)

開水冰塊--適量 (喔!在上圖的角角桂冠的喔! 我愛用台貨 !!) Water ice - modest (! On the map in the corner angle crown! I love Taiwanese goods!)

作法: Practices:

將伏特加酒倒入調杯、加入薄荷香蜜;接著直接倒入300cc 黑松汽水 ,加入適量冰塊,攪拌均勻,放入水晶杯飲用。 Vodka will be transferred into the cup, adding mint-honey; went directly into the 300 cc black pine soft drinks, ice accession adequate, stirring uniform, Crystal Cup Add to drink.

(黑松的第一連結維基百科名稱有誤?--危機百科??) (Pinus thunbergii Wikipedia link to the first name incorrectly »- crisis Encyclopedia» »)
It out! 這般的碧綠,加上薄荷的清香, 朋友 上蓋青上蓋順 ! Such a dark green, and the Mint Qingxiang, a superstructure above-Green! (好像抄襲電視廣告^^:) (Like copying television advertising ^ ^:)

照顧一下不會及不能喝酒的朋友 Take care not to get drunk or friendship may be lost.

Ice coffee ICE COFFEE

照例來個宅具特寫 As usual, with close to a residential

My coffee black tea amphibious Baby Braun American-style coffee pot

材料二選一 The election of a

B. 鳥巢牌 《醇品》即溶咖啡 B. nest card "for alcohol," instant coffee

什麼人喝什麼咖啡 What people what to drink coffee

如何喝才夠宅? How to drink Caigou home » --自擇 -- Since the Optional

冰糖--又是大潤發牌^^ Bingtang - is the largest Runfa licensing ^ ^

肉桂粉--從大哥家康來 Rou Guifen - from big brother home to Kang

戀愛牌奶精 Love licensing Naijing

大量的冰塊 A lot of ice

(咦?你問怎麼沒有《濾紙》?問對了,冰咖啡要用鳥牌才夠味!) (Hey «you did not ask how" filter "» asked on the ice coffee to use only licensed bird Gouwei!)

直接在咖啡壺裡放入咖啡粉、冰糖,按下開關--ok Add to coffee directly in the Huli coffee powder, Bingtang, press the switch - ok

After the first full-cup stainless steel-ice, coffee powder and Bingtang be melted into hot coffee directly into the transfer Cup, joining 1-3 Naijing, even after mixing into mugs and finally do not have the money Sprinkle with cinnamon Powder. --OK -- OK

At Last.............

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