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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tallest birdhouse Tower in Malaysia

Segamat, Johor, Malaysia. Your local guide to the place, people and news.

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This building 20 stories in Segamat, Johor,(Durian Town)high used to be a hotel but due to the 1997 recession the hotel remained emptied for almost 10 years.About 5 years ago, the owner converted the top 10 floors into Birdhouse and it is a talk of the town. It seem that it is doing very well and the hotel owner now have recovered his losses from the property glut.The bird entrance holes are located on the top floor. The odd thing that happened was that a few low rise birdhouses around it are also doing very well. Observers atate there lots of birds circling above the 20 stories building even at 1.30 pm. The top floors of many buildings are popular in breeding these swiftlets which fetch more income than rental.

They build the nesting planks that allows a five tiers nesting areas to attract wild swiftlets to build nests in them. Most of this are fixed direct to the walls and not the ceilings. They are designed as such the upper level will not disturb those below especially their shits. Nests of other birds are destroyed with the eggs inside. Over time, the selection process leaves behind a colony of swiftlets that produce the right kind of nest for the trade. "House nests" are priced much lower than "cave nests" due to the risks involved in harvesting the latter.

There are rumors of a rare type of Swallow's nest in Indonesia, only harvested on the island of Flores. It is blue as opposed to white, yellow or red, and sells for approximately five times the price of white nests.

Why all this craze? Bird's nest soup is a delicacy in Chinese cuisine. "Caviar of the East" -- bird's nest soup (Bird's Spit or Saliva).The primary ingredient are saliva nests built by cave swifts. Among one of the most expensive animal products consumed by humans it is believed to aid digestion, raise libido, and even alleviate asthma as it is dissolved in water to create a gelatinous soup. In Hong Kong, a bowl of bird's nest soup would cost between USD10 and USD30, a kilogram of white bird's nest can cost up to USD2,000 per gram, and a kilogram of red bird's nest for as much as USD10,000! A few species of swift, the cave swifts, are renowned for building the saliva nests used to produce the unique texture of this soup.
The nests have been traditionally used in Chinese cooking for over 400 years, most often as bird's nest soup.Bird’s nest soup has been an Asian culinary tradition for centuries. Made from the nests of edible-nest swiftlets—usually Aerodramus fuciphagus (formerly Collocalia fuciphaga) or Aerodramus maximus (formerly Collocalia maxima)—it can be either savory or sweet. Savory soup is made with chicken broth and contains pieces of nest, bits of chicken breast, mushrooms, quail eggs, and sometimes ham. Sweet bird’s nest soup is a simple recipe using nest, rock sugar, and water.

Birdhouse by a pond completed in May2008 cost about RM500,000 with four floors and about 20 feet width by 90 feet long.

Tangkak Birdhouse(40-km stretch from Segamat to Tangkak)

Green building located in a small town called Tangkak, beside the main road, on the left.

Malaysia Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Seri Ong Ka Chuan stated that swallows are only allowed to be reared in commercial lots or shophouses with licence.Based on a study conducted by Dr Fadzilah Aini Abdul Kadir from the Department of Veterinary Services the type of swallows reared in the country did not transmit diseases. VIA

Every 120 nests(Birdhouse produce) ie 1 kilo is equivalent to 4,000 - 7,000 Ringgit, depending of the quality and shape of the nests. Oct 2006 Quote.

This building is an abandoned shopping complex,about 7 stories high and painted totally green. Lots of birds and the window were wide open allowing the birds to fly in and out. Marvelous view and interesting to any bird nest enthusiasts.
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