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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Angry sushi chef slicing up another driver in traffic dispute

Jan 23, 2009 9:18 pm US/Eastern

A wild road rage incident on Staten Island traffic dispute gets out of hand. An angry sushi chef 37-year-old Yao Zhou is accused of slicing up Zaiback, 23, who was commuting from Brooklyn to a cell phone store he owns in New Jersey. The two men were driving south New York on the Western Shore Expressway. Zaiback said he pulled over after accidentally cutting off Zhou. That's when he said Zhou started cutting him. Zaiback who sustained 100 stitches said Zhou first approached the car, but when Zaiback tried exchanging license and insurance information, the attack began. Police have filed assault charges against Zhou and Zaiback, but Zaiback's lawyer said his client's wounds should convince the court his client is a victim. Zhou's lawyer declined to speak on camera but told CBS 2 HD there are two sides to every story and, "the truth will come out in time." If it weren't for a passing highway NYPD unit that intervened Zaiback claimed he could have been killed. Both men are due in court next month, February 2009.
Traffic Dispute Gets Out Of Hand As Victim Gets 100 Stitches To Head VIDEO

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