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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Boy in crocodile stomach

Queensland police announced on Tuesday 18 February 2009 that an examination carried out on a crocodile trapped near the spot behind the family home in a flooded mangrove swamp when he disappeared on February 8 had revealed the remains of the boy in its stomach. Jeremy Doble five-year-old had been playing with his seven-year-old brother, Ryan, and their dog. Police said the child's remains were found in the stomach of a male crocodile in the flooded Daintree River, an international attraction for ecotourists.

Crocodiles have been protected by federal law since 1971, and their numbers in Australia's tropical waters have steadily grown though if humans are threatened authorities are allowed to destroy crocodiles. The victim's parents asked authorities not to kill the creature, which was the dominant male in that part of the river.


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