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Friday, April 17, 2009

Filthiest fast-food joints

These pictures in video were taken in the dining area at 3am last Sunday by Adelaide law student Jeremy Brown while on a night out with friends. McDonald's employees had told Mr. Brown that the filthy area was a regular occurrence.

Mcdonald's Hindley Street‎
44 Hindley St
Adelaide, SA 5000, Australia
(08) 8212 5200‎
McDonald's Hindley Street in Adelaide, Australia, is seen with countless discarded brown paper bags and burger wrappers lay strewn across the floor, piled up in trampled heaps around the tables and chairs. Diners sit eating amidst abandoned soft drinks, squashed chips and other rubbish cover the table tops.

McDonald's SA market manager Josie Mangini said the store's management had been "counselled" over the mess. The store manager, Sandra, confirmed a complaint had been made last Saturday April 4, 2009 night but said she was unable to comment further. When the Sunday Mail visited the restaurant in the early hours of Friday April 10, 2009 morning, staff members were clearing tables every 10 minutes. One teenage diner, said the restaurant appeared cleaner than normal and it is the numbers of people who come in and out of here that make such a mess. Mr Brown earlier remarked that the blame is not on the staffs, who appeared to be working "flat out" but thought that it was short-staffed when there were big queues to get food.


Over in America, Domino’s Pizza faced an even bigger PR crisis after footage emerged of employee ‘Michael’ apparently putting nasal mucus on the sandwiches,and stuffing cheese up his nose when two Domino’s Pizza employees filmed a prank in the restaurant’s kitchen, they decided to post it online. In the most popular video of the franchise location in Conover, North Carolina, a woman who identifies herself as Kristy films a co-worker, Michael, preparing the unsanitary sandwiches. By Wednesday April 15, 2009 afternoon, the video had been viewed more than a million times on YouTube. According to Domino’s, the employees told executives that they had never actually delivered the tainted food. Still, Domino’s fired the two employees on Tuesday, (identified by Domino’s as Kristy Hammonds, 31 and Michael Setzer, 32) and they were in the custody of the Conover police department on Wednesday evening, facing felony charges. On Thursday April 16, 2009 they were charged with contaminating food distributed to the public, the same charge that covers people who taint Halloween candy. Hammonds, 31, has a criminal history that includes a conviction for sexual battery last on June 24 2008 (Has a probation period of 24 months. ) and convictions for possession of stolen property and breaking into a vending machine. If convicted, the Hammonds and Setzer could be sentenced to four months to one year in jail. Conover residents said they are thinking twice about eating at Domino’s now. The restaurant has taken steps to rectify the situation. It reopened for business Wednesday after spending one day closed so workers could sanitize everything inside the restaurant and throwing out all food and paper products that were not still sealed directly from the manufacturer.



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