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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

'Slumdog Millionaire' star Rubina Ali's father to become a millionaire by selling her

Rubina - the child star of oscar winner movie,Slumdog Millionaire has been put up for sale by Rubina's muslim father. Rafiq Qureshi, who lives in a Mumbai slum along with his star daughter, offered to sell Ali for nearly $300,000 to undercover reporters. That was an astonishing four-fold increase on his opening demand. But Rafiq’s equally demanding brother Mohiuddin insisted: “The child is special now. This is not an ordinary child. This is an Oscar child!” The undercover reporters travelled to Mumbai to expose the illegal sale after a tip-off from a concerned close family friend and former neighbour. The father of adorable "Slumdog Millionaire" star Rubina Ali however denies he tried to sell his his 9-year-old daughter. News of the World confirms with a published a photo of their journalists meeting with the family while disguised as a wealthy couple from Dubai. Uncle Rajan More said on behalf of his father that they are only interested in securing their girl's future through her adoption. Rafiq Qureshi said he is keen to find a rich family to bring up Rubina but only if they are willing to help the whole family to get out of the slums. Shockingly, this sort of transaction is far from unusual in an impoverished nation where human life comes cheap and children are often treated as a commodity.

Slumdog has been a roaring success, raking in a staggering £185 million at box offices around the world. Rubina's family are furious that despite the film doing so well and their pretty daughter becoming so famous, they are still living in such rough conditions. Rafiq, 36, complained that the film producers haven't looked after them. That they gave them around 150,000 rupees (£2,040) at the start but nothing afterwards.Also added that they've been talking about giving them a house amounted to nothing but just talk.

The fact is that Danny Boyle and producer Christian Colson have set up a trust to ensure Rubina gets a proper education, is well housed and receives support dealing with media attention. In early April 2009 Rubina and fellow child actor Azharuddin Ismail were each given a £12,000 luxury apartment by Slumdog sound engineer Rasul Pookutty. The property in Kerala, south India, was awarded to Rasul - who himself escaped poverty - by the local council in honour of his Oscar achievement.

Rafiq shrugged it off saying he had no intention of moving to Kerala, even when the apartment is complete in a year time.
Picture: Rafiq Qureshi and her daughter, Rubina
Qureshi now acknowledges he received an offer to adopt Ali but says he pretended to be interested in an effort to be polite.

'Slumdog Millionaire' fame Rubina Ali's mother Khushi Sunday,20/4/2009 afternoon lodged a complaint with police following media reports that her estranged husband allegedly attempted to 'sell' their daughter. Khushi expressed shock over reports that her ex-husband was planning to sell Rubina for 200,000 pounds (over Rs.14 million). Khushi is concerned that her daughter to be well taken care of in pursuing her studies and acting career simultaneously by which Qureshi must account for the money the child earned from the movie.

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