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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Keeley vs. Claudia: The sexy showdown

20. September 2008 England's Keeley Hazell and Claudia Ciesla of Germany are looking to do their countries proud as they fight it out in a sexy showdown.

Keeley Hazell
: English men have been drooling over her ever since she shot to fame by winning The Sun's Page 3 Idol competition in 2004. Renowned for her amazing figure, her career has since rocketed. The gorgeous gal from South East London has been a constant feature on the covers of men's magazines and in ad campaigns.

Ambitious Keeley also released a popular music video, 'Voyeur', which did the rounds on the internet. Twice named among the top five of FHM's World's Sexiest Women, she's now a household name around the world among red-blooded males.

Claudia Ciesla:
The German stunner is set to challenge feisty Keeley as the toast of England - and Germany. The blonde bombshell from Bamberg made her name by appearing as a BILD World Cup Girl in 2006 as well as being an AUTOBILD Tuning Girl.Claudia Ciesla in Llandudno, Wales for I love dancing in espana

Following the release of her recent single 'I love dancing in Espana' she has jetted off to Calcutta in India to star in a Bollywood film. Claudia is currently shooting an Indian film called '10:10' in Calcutta. Playing the part of a German journalist, Claudia stars opposite Indian film star Soumitra Chatterjee. The multi-talented Claudia certainly has all the right assets to make it to the top.

But German men were given a slap in the face after sizzler Claudia admitted to 'The Sun' that she loves British men! Speaking to Britain's biggest-selling paper she revealed: “They make you feel like a queen.” And she is sure to find a string of suitors after the double-D wonder showed off her unbelievable all-natural curves.

The battle of the breasts was a bust for German BILD girl Claudia Ciesla as voters chose British beauty Keeley Hazell as their favourite buxom babe - both in Germany and in the UK.

In a recent interview with BILD, sexy Claudia challenged Keeley to a friendly duel
in a nice little competition with events like car racing, bungee jumping or skydiving. Claudia explained. "I see the whole thing as a friendly match between Germany and England."

Claudia Ciesla

Keeley Hazell - Official Homepage of CClaudia

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Anonymous said...

Claudia Ciesla (CClaudia) beats Keeley Hazell in vote in German and European biggest newspaper BILD - Claudia Ciesla was voted from 56% readers of BILD as hotter than Keeley !!! Pls see the following link:
As well Claudia Ciesla had several times through BILD and through THE SUN asked Keeley to do a friendly contest on several sporty and intelligence games to make clear who is more clever. Unfortunately no bravery by Keeley - she had no faith to challenge Claudia.

Cialis said...

Claudia is indeed a multi talented a, gorgeous and drawa teh movie or huimen towards her slef by her simplicity and bold gestures too

BigFish said...

Do you happen to have the full sized images of Claudia Ciesla you have posted? I can't find them on the internet. Searched a lot.
You can email me if you want to:

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