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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Man eats 23,000 Big Macs

September 10, 2008 Don Gorske, 54, from Wisconsin, US, claims he has eaten 23,000 of McDonald's Big Mac burgers On August 17, 2008 count, continuing a culinary obsession that began May 17, 1972, and is fed by his obsessive-compulsive disorder.
He stopped ordering fries every day in the '90s, now eating them about once a month. He eats two Big Macs, which each have two beef patties, cheese and a special Mac sauce, along with two parfaits a day. Gorske says he keeps himself in good shape. He says he's 6-foot-2 (1.89 meters) and weighs 185 pounds (84 kilograms), and walks as many as 16 kilometers a day.

Eight ocassions he failed to eat Big Mac:
1) In 1988, the day his mother died, to respect a request she made.
2) Twice because of his job as a prison worker where a number of work emergencies kept him on the clock past midnight which he recorded those days as missed days.
3) Three other times on traveling and couldn't find a McDonald's.
4) He went Big Mac-less on the U.S. holiday of Thanksgiving in 2000.
5) During a 1982 snowstorm that prevented a local McDonald's franchise from opening.
Ever since these burgerless days he keeps a few in the freezer.
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