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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Gambling Website Posts Odds on Sarah Palin Daughter’s Pregnancy

Tue, 16thSept2008 There's a new celebrity in town, Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol about to give birth and that means it's time for online gambling websites to start offering those oh so famous baby odds. The largest most successful sportsbook on the web, posted odds on all things of Bristol Palin pregnancy.

Analysts at posted the following odds on the Bristol Palin Pregnancy:

Odds on sex of baby male/female?

1/1 boy

1/1 girl

250/1 twins

Odds on whether she'll get married before or after the birth of the child

Before 1/1

After 1/1

Not marry the father 20/1

Odds on color eyes the baby will have

Brown 4/6

Green 6/4

Blue 2/1

Weight of Bristol's baby at birth

Over/Under 7lbs 5 ounces

5/6 Over 5/6 Under
Additional Pop-Culture odds, Sports and Newsworthy odds can be found at

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