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Friday, December 19, 2008

Muslim woman jailed for wearing headscarf to court

Lisa Valentine was arrested after a Georgia judge charged her with contempt of court after refusing to take off her headscarf. Judge Keith Rollins of Douglasville, Georgia, Wednesday 16 December 2008 ordered Lisa Valentine, 41, to 10 days in jail after she refused to remove her scarf before entering the courtroom, citing rules governing appropriate dress. Last week, Sabreen Abdulrahmaan was forced to leave Rollins's court before her son's probation hearing because she would not remove her scarf.

Valentine said felt naked, without her hijab. Her husband phoned an Islamic civil rights organisation and sought an attorney, and she was released without explanation after about seven hours.

Hooper of the Council on American-Islamic Relations said the matter affects a Jewish man wearing a skull cap, a Catholic nun wearing a habit too. All would be denied access to this judge's courtroom. There is a need to know what's going here and why this has apparently been going on for so long. Eric Treene, special council for religious discrimination at the justice department's civil rights division, was examining the case.


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