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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Scottish-built submarine for sale on Ebay

21-Nov-08__ HMAS OTAMA is 297 feet long and has a tonnage of 2186 tons. After six years lay up she is in a pretty poor state but nonetheless, she is a complete submarine with all of her original features intact. A piece of Australian naval, and Scottish shipbuilding, history. She was built in Greenock, launched by Princess Anne on this day, 3rd December, 1975 at the famous Scotts' Shipbuilding & Engineering yard and served with the Royal Australian Navy until 2000.

She was the last of the Oberon-class submarines to be built, and the last to be in service. Her arrival at Western Port Bay in 2002 saw celebrations as she was handed over to the Western Port Oberon Association.

The vision was to create a world-class exhibit centred on the boat in Hastings, but unfortunately the Association says they have encountered 'obstacles' along the way and have now offered the vessel up for sale on Ebay at a Classified Ad price of $4,900,000.

The Western Port Oberon Association, president Max Bryant said it was 'pure desperation' to put the boat on Ebay and want a buyer to preserve the vessel and her heritage. You can find her Ebay listing at the following URL:

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