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Monday, April 7, 2008

Australian father has child with his daughter

Jenny Deaves, who had a child with her father John, pleaded for acceptance of her illicit love as the couple and their baby girl appeared on national television.

Australian Jenny Deaves was 31 had an illicit child with her father convicted of incest. Their love affair started when she was reunited with her father John Deaves, who separated from her mother three decades before. Nine-month-old daughter, Celeste, to whom John Deaves is both father and grandfather is a third child, but also a half-sister, for Jenny Deaves, now 39, who has two other children from another relationship. Jenny said the physical relationship with her father was like "a sexual relationship with any other man".For her father,John the sexual relationship was "absolutely fantastic".

Dorothy, 69, ex-wife of Mr Deaves, stepmother of Jenny said Jenny stayed with them four times before their marriage broke down in 2000. This is after the father and daughter took a trip to Dubbo together. Dorothy married John Deaves in 1984 and Jenny was then 15-year-old.

South Australian Courts Administration Authority convicted the South Australian couple of two counts of incest each and placed both on three-year good behavior bonds which disallow any further sexual activity between the pair on March 20. The court stress that “Relevant factors include: the need to prevent the high risk of congenital defects of children born of incestuous relationships; and to prevent children, who are brought up in a family unit founded on an incestuous relationship, suffering psychological harm and social stigmatization,”

The couple who bear a striking resemblance to each other had another child in 2001 but the infant died after only a few days due to a congenital heart disease.

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