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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Black & white twins - twice!

Big sisters Hayleigh, left, and Lauren Durrant, right, hold their new siblings Leah, left, and Miya, right. Scientists say the odds of their parents, Dean Durrant and Alison Spooner, having two sets of fraternal twins with strikingly different skin tones and eye colors is 'one in millions.'
A mixed-race British couple, Dean Durrant & Alison Spooner gave birth to their second twins prematurely in November in Frimley, southern England, and spent several weeks in the hospital. They are now at home with their parents in Fleet, 65 kilometres southwest of London. Newborn daughter Miya has dark skin like her father and twin sister Leah has fair skin like her blue-eyed, red-haired mother. Their older siblings Lauren and Hayleigh, born in 2001, also have strikingly different skin tones and eye colours.


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