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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Baby born to a dead mother

Jayne Soliman, 41, was 25 weeks' pregnant been declared brain-dead at Oxford's John Radcliffe hospital. She was a former British champion ice skater who collapsed and died from a brain haemorrhage. Doctors managed to keep her heart beating long enough to deliver Aya Jayne, a baby girl two days later by caesarean section. Her father, Mahmoud, was with the 0.95kg (2lb 1.5oz) baby when the child was born.

Ms Soliman's funeral was held at the Jamia mosque in Reading on 10th-11th Jan 2009 weekend with more than 300 mourners who attended

In 1989, Ms Soliman was British champion and No 7 in the world for professional free skating. She also spent some time in Dubai, where she taught figure skating and met Mahmoud. On returning to England two years ago, the newly married couple set up home in Bracknell and Jayne began working for the Bracknell Ice Skating Club. VIA

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