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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Japanese tourist lives 3 months in Mexico City airport

A distinguished-looking Japanese tourist lingered more than three months at Mexico City's airport, sleeping on the ground and eating in pricey restaurants, until he left with a woman in a taxi, witnesses said.

Nobody knows why the tall, bearded Hiroshi Nohara decided to stay at Benito Juarez airport after missing his connecting flight to Brazil -- he apparently has a return ticket to Tokyo, but for 117 days he became a tourist attraction in his own right.

He slept used the rest rooms to clean himself and spent every day in the restaurant area. Nohara's "documents were in order and there's no law that stops him from staying at the airport. The stranger left Sunday Dec 28th 2008, as mysteriously as he appeared in early September, boarding a taxi with a woman, witnesses said. They think he'll be coming back because he didn't say good-bye to any of the airport workers.

It is taken that the woman took him out for a spin around the city for a few days.

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