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Friday, March 20, 2009

Brazil: Girl, 9, Has Abortion Despite Church's Objections

A NINE-year-old Brazilian girl pregnant was believed to be sexually abused since she was aged six by her 23-year-old stepfather. She was found to be four months pregnant with a twin after being taken to hospital suffering stomach pains. She was being cared for by a medical and psychological team in the Maternal-Child Institude in the northern city of Recife, close to her hometown of Alagoinha in Pernambuco state.

She underwent an abortion Wednesday, March 04, 2009 at the public university hospital. The director, Fatima Maia said the 15-week-old pregnancy posed a serious risk to the 80-pound (36-kilogram) girl. "She is very small. Her uterus doesn't have the ability to hold one, let alone two children," But Marcio Miranda, a lawyer for the Archdiocese of Olinda and Recife in northeastern Brazil, said the girl should have carried the twins to term and had a Caesarean section. Brazil is home to more Catholics than any other nation and there were complaints from Brazil's Roman Catholic church against the abortion. Abortion is illegal in Brazil except in cases of rape or if the woman's health is in danger.

The 23-year-old stepfather was also allegedly abused the girl's physically handicapped 14-year-old sister. He was arrested on Thursday March 05, 2009 as he attempted to flee to another region in Brazil, and was being kept in protective custody.

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Anonymous said...

They Govt should know the guys problem, he could be mentally imbalance to have impregnated a nine year old girl.

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