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Sunday, March 2, 2008

China bride starved,chained hubby in Taiwan

Taipei,Fri, Feb 29, 2008
A 42-year-old Taiwanese man in Kaohsiung went through this 45-day ordeal all because his mainland Chinese wife was allegedly unhappy with his unemployed status. The man, who was identified only as Mr Hsu,42, was rescued on Wednesday by police officers after a social worker visited the family and heard his cries for help 'Jiu ming!' ((Mandarin for help me)) . He related that even the sight of his wife frightens him.Mr Xu had spent NT$200,000($9,047) to marry Lin Yu Li, 34, a Fujian native, in 1999. Madam Lin has since criticised her husband insufficient earning.Her unhappiness worsened when her husband's laundromat closed in 2003. And it was then when the relationship allegedly became abusive.He claimed that he put he put up with the abuse for the sake of their eight-year-old son. He managed to get a restraining order last year and left his matrimonial home to avoid his wife. On 12 Jan after a chance meeting along a road engaging in a noisy heated angry dispute, MrXu decided to go home with MadamLin, Worried for their son's safety. The alleged torture began the next day as to the following claims:
1) His legs were tied up with a 3m-long iron chain while he was sleeping.
2) Fed little in between with serving only on leftover rice and vegetables.(Lost 20 kilos)
3) Not allowed to go to the toilet and had to urinate into bottles and plastic bags.
4) Beat him up with wooden clubs and bamboo poles in front of their son.

During his ordeal, Madam Lin allegedly forced him to sign divorce papers and surrender custody of their son to her.
He claimed that she planned to bring mainland Chinese women to Taiwan and she wanted him to find Taiwanese husbands for them. MadamLin was arrested and she is is said to have confessed to confining her husband and assaulting him.Mr Xu was sent to a hospital where he was treated for his wounds and malnutrition.MadamLin told police officers that she was unhappy with her husband for not being a good breadwinner. Their son has since been sent for counselling.

The case is a twist to a more widespread worry that foreign spouses face discrimination in Taiwan as they are seen as inferior 'mail-order brides' who tend to marry Taiwanese men from the lower socio-economic strata.
Mail-order bride

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