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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Curry Laksa

Try using Spaghetti for this recipe replacing Chinese Noodle!
Curry Laksa
Fried Torfu
Chicken Stock
250 gms yellow noodles or Spaghetti
4 tbsps oil
3 shallots — sliced
1 cm piece ginger
1 fresh red chilli
1 fresh green chilli
50 gms dried shrimps
150 gms prawns — shelled and deveined
100 gms fresh-COCKLES or Oysters - (Alternative: boiled Chicken pieces[Debone])
100 gms fish balls or Fish fillets(Cornflour fried)
4 cups thick coconut milk — from 1 coconut (Alternative: Evaporated unsweetened Milk)
100 gms beansprouts
2 tbsps curry powder
1 bunch kesum leaves (Vietnamese coriander)
2 boiled Eggs
lettuce or spring onion (optional)
Salt to taste
Serves 4 — 6
1. Scald the noodles in hot boiling water. Drain well and
spread 1 tbsp olive oil evenly into the noodles.
2. Heat 3 tbsps oil and fry the shallots and ginger
until fragrant. Add in curry powder and fry
further until fragrant.
3. Add the ginger, pounded (or Minced [ suggest use blender]) dried shrimps and chillies. Stir-fry for 3 minutes.
4. Add the coconut milk and bring to boil and chicken stock.
5. Add the fried Torfu, fish balls or Fish fillets, Prawns, COCKLES or Oysters and season to taste.( Do not overcook Prawns, COCKLES or Oysters )
6. Lastly add the kesum leaves(Vietnamese coriander) , boiled eggs (in halves) and beansprouts. (plus optional lettuce or spring onion)
7. To serve, place the noodles in individual bowls
and pour over the gravy making sure that each
bowl will contain the COCKLES or Oysters , prawns and.
fish balls or Fish fillets plus one-half boiled egg.

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