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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Rainbow Roses

Dutch Peter van de Werken has invented and successfully developed a new kind of rose: rainbow coloured rose.

By treating the stalk with natural pigments, van de Werken has managed to make each petal a different colour.

The Happy Roses are placed in special water. Different substances are dissolved in this water. The rose branch absorbs this water as part of a natural process. This is what changes the colour of the petals. What makes Happy Roses unique is that the inventor has managed to colour a few petals, for example, yellow, whilst at the same time other petals colour differently, for example, blue, orange or lilac. It even proved possible to achieve a range of different colourings in the flower, which as it were fan around one another. This resulted in these unique, colourful and cheerful roses.

Price at at 9 euros (12 US dollars) a stalk by Flower dealers in The Netherlands.

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