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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy has been a commercial success. Worldwide, the game sold 5.19 million copies in 2007, with over 840,000 in Japan, and 4.35 million sold in other regions.[4] The game is the best-selling unbundled Wii game, and the third best-selling Nintendo-published game for the Wii.[4] The two games that outsold it, Wii Sports and Wii Play, were bundled with the console or a Wii Remote.

GENRE(S): Action, Platform
ESRB RATING: E (Everyone)
RELEASE DATE: November 12, 2007


The Good
* Some of the best level designs of any 3D platformer
* Beautiful, colorful graphics
* Controls work just about flawlessly in nearly every situation
* Soundtrack is a delight
* Lots of stages and tons of stars to find and collect.

The Bad

* A couple of Mario's special suits can be frustrating to use
* Minimal amount of story doesn't tie everything together especially well.

Shortly after Mario is invited to the centennial Star Festival that celebrates the comet that passes overhead, Bowser invades the Mushroom Kingdom with a surprise attack in a fleet of airships. Summoning a giant UFO, he rips Princess Peach's entire castle from its foundations and lifts it into outer space. After an unsuccessful rescue attempt, Mario is catapulted across the cosmos and awakens on a small planet. On the planet he meets a mysterious woman called Rosalina ("Rosetta" (ロゼッタ, "Rosetta"?) in the Japanese version) and her companion stars, the Lumas. Rosalina is a watcher of the stars, who uses her mobile Observatory to travel across the universe. However, the Power Stars that act as the Observatory's power source have all been stolen by Bowser, rendering it immobile. Bestowed with the power to travel through space, Mario sets off on an intergalactic adventure across the universe to reclaim the Power Stars and restore power to Rosalina's observatory.

Upon collecting enough Power Stars, Rosalina's Observatory has enough power to transform into a comet and fly to the center of the universe, where the princess is being held captive. Confronting Bowser, Mario learns that Bowser's plan is to rule the entire universe with Princess Peach at his side. Mario manages to defeat Bowser and free the princess. Bowser's planet collapses onto itself, becoming a super massive black hole and vacuuming everything. All of Rosalina's Lumas destroy the black hole, but are all killed in the process. Rosalina appears to Mario, stating that stars never die, but are later reborn as new stars. Mario awakens in the restored Mushroom Kingdom alongside the princess and Bowser, welcoming the new galaxy that has emerged in the skies.

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