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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Thai police using cooking oil for their patrol cars

Video showing how police forces in Thailand are converting their gas-guzzling police cruisers to biofuel cars by switching to used cooking oil instead of gasoline

BANGKOK, THAILAND (2007November 14th).: Thailand's police are turning to used cooking oil as they seek cheaper and more environmentally friendly fuel amid soaring oil prices. Oil prices of more than 90 dollars a barrel have hit the police budget, forcing them to tap alternative sources such as biodiesel made from old cooking oil donated by hotels, fast food shops and even shrines.The Royal Thai Police are heeding His Majesty the king's initiative about alternative energy in his 80th birthday speech. Lieutenant Colonel Tepvisit Potigengrid, deputy commander of Bangkok's Bangrak district said homemade biodiesel now accounted for 50 percent of the fuel used at his city centre station since the project was launched in March.Out of the Thai capital's 88 police stations eight have adopted the projectThe police use a locally-made machine that can produce up to 450 litres of biodiesel a day at cost of 7 baht a litre, saving 23 baht a litre.At Bangrak, police just use it to produce 150 litres a day, which still saves them 3450 baht a day, Tepvisit said, offering to share the machine with any other station that could obtain used cooking oil."Of a total of 10 police patrol cars at our station, six of them are now running on biodiesel," he added.Bangrak district commander Colonel Santi Cheekangwan said he personally went out to ask hotels, restaurants, and Chinese shrines to donate their used oil."It's a good response from the public," he said.He added that the money stations saved from using biodiesel went towards buying benzene for their motorcycles, meaning more frequent patrols.Biodiesel are also rationed free to used oil donors as incentives.
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