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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Japanese Novelty Culture

Japanese Boyfriend pillow

A Japanese manufacturer has found a niche bound to improve the lives of single women everywhere.

Kameo's Boyfriend Arm Pillow resembles a man's torso, shoulder and arm, offering a cozy space sized to fit and comfort its lonely owner.

The pillow comes with two removable shirts its owner can use to bone-up on washing and pressing. One model also doubles as an alarm clock that shakes to wake its sleeping companion.

‘It has been so successful we have had to draw up a waiting list," A spokesman for Kameo said. "Women of all ages have been queueing round the block to take one home.’

Priced at around $74, the pillow is currently available only in Japan - though, according to press reports, Kameo may soon be exporting it to Britain.

Kameo is also planning to test the waters of the men's market; a limited edition Girlfriend Arm Pillow is to be released in the near future.
Boyfriend pillow for Japan singles

Japanese lap pillow or "Hizamakura"

Japanese men without a shoulder to cry on this Christmas are being offered a woman's lap - made out of foam - to rest on instead.

The "lap pillow", shaped like the bottom half of a kneeling woman, is selling for about 9,429 yen ($90), the French news agency AFP reported.
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It's not see-through skirts. These latest women fashion skirts from Japan are actually prints on the skirts to make it look as if the panties are visible and these are the current rage in Japan .. They'll soon hit the USA market. They are already available by mail order from several Japanese mail order houses.

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