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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pet Carp knows his name

A Chinese man is looking for a good home for his pet carp which he says is fully trained. Fang Peng, from Pingsai town, Guizhou Province, claims 'Submarine' responds to his name being called out. Fang runs a fishing pond and his family have been training the carp for six years, reports the Guizhou City Papers. He said: "He is very smart, and never takes the bait of anglers."Fang says the fish developed his ability to understand human speech from his father who used to spend four hours a day with him. Fang added: "He would tie a piece of cake or bread on the top of the fishing pole and call 'Submarine'."On hearing his name, Submarine would emerge from the water and take the food. Or I would feed him by hand." Fang needs to find a new home for Submarine as the river which runs into his fishing pond has been diverted for irrigation.

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